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Featuring advanced technology to help collect, coordinate, manage and share sensitive geospatial datasets, Crisisworks can be used across a wide range of contexts and applications. Manage business processes, share intelligence, identify and manage risks, delegate and track activities and communicate with teams and other stakeholders, all in a fully secure and audited environment. 

TIP The easiest way to get started immediately with Crisisworks is to watch the Introduction to new users video from Training Videos in the Help menu in Crisisworks (New users can Register for access to training videos)


Read the Conceptual Overview to learn the essential concepts of Crisisworks.

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Detailed topics for technical and advanced users.

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See the release history for each update that has been applied since October 2015.

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Learn from our experience with our FAQs and Practice Notes that cover operational matters.

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If you're new to Crisisworks, then watch our "lunch-and-learn" videos over your lunch break to become an expert in next to no time.  (Note: You will be required to register, existing users can access these videos without registering through the Help menu within Crisisworks).

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