Crisisworks Modules

This section contains information on Crisisworks modules.

Core Modules
RequestsProvides request management for EOCs, including assignment to resources and contractors, resource cost tracking and inter-agency workflow and assignment.
InformationProvides a register of messages and information such as incident action plans, situation reports, announcements and information
OffersManage offers of assistance and volunteering
LogsQuickly add position logs
Contacts & ExpertiseManage global and per-event contacts, as well as users and organisations. Expertise data like skills and experience can be added to contacts.
Recovery (People & Property)Contains Recovery Case (People & Property), Recovery Contact (Affected Person), Affected Private Assets, Environmental Health Assessment, Affected Livestock, Affected Agriculture and Recovery Task.
Recovery (Infrastructure)Provides a full management system to report and assess impacted municipal assets, and the manage costs and tasks in recovery.
Relief RegistrationsProvides public and staff registrations for people entering relief centres and for those who leave their destination early in an emergency
LibraryA document wiki to store global and per-event documentation and geographical features of interest.
Work SummaryManage staff work times. You can add multiple work time entries to a work summary for a given period.
CommunicationSupports sending outbound email and SMS messages to various types of recipients within an event.
Optional Modules
Fire PreventionProvides a full lifecycle management system for municipal fire risk reduction, including onsite property inspections, fire prevention notices and contractor assignment.
Fire PermitProvides a public form and back-end workflow to allow residents to submit fire permit applications
Financial ReconciliationProvides financial reconciliation capabilities for Crisisworks to manage post-impact cost recovery
Weed & PestProvides a full lifecycle management system for weed and pest infestation, complete with contractor management

The list above omits specialist modules that have been deployed for enterprise customers or specialist markets. If you cannot find your module listed above, please consult the Solutions section instead.