Support Service Levels

Datalink aim to provide a timely turnaround on each and every logged support ticket. In order to do this, service levels are based on the severity of the issue. The acronym used for this in the IT sector is SLA.

When emailing our service desk, your enquiry will be initially set to a "Service Request" severity with 1 business day turnaround. If you need more urgent turnaround, then please use the Service Desk Portal or our 24x7 Paging Service (charges may apply).

SeverityDescriptionPriorityResponse AimResolution Aim
Critical (SEV-1)A problem that prevents your users achieving a business-critical function where there is no other workaround availableUrgent1 business hour1 business day
Major Problem (SEV-2)A problem that prevents your users achieving an important functionHigh1 business day5 business days
Minor Problem (SEC-3)A problem that, although inconvenient, can be tolerated for a reasonable amount of timeMedium2 business days4 business weeks
Service Requests
Service RequestRequest Datalink to provide a serviceHigh1 business day10 business days
Feature RequestSuggest a new feature or a change to an existing featureLow5 business days-
Question A question on how to use the softwareMedium2 business days-
InformationProvide feedback and advice to Datalink without any need for a responseLow--


  • The times are based around business hours operation (Melbourne, Australia) unless the customer has a priority service agreement.
  • The times are based on the time the issue was submitted into the Service Desk Portal (in the event of Critical, telephone notification must also have been received)
  • The severity of a ticket is initially set by the customer when that submit a ticket via the portal, however please note that the associated priority can be overridden by the Service Desk at the time of initial triage if the assigned support agent believes it to be incorrectly set.