Using the Service Desk Portal

Accessing the portal

Standard Crisisworks customers can submit new ticket tickets via this link

Enterprise customers can access our Service Desk Portal to view and submit tickets.

Contact your account representative or project manager at Datalink to arrange your login credentials.  Once you have logged in, you can change this password via the 'Edit Profile' link.

On this page

Logging Tickets

To log a new ticket, click New Support Ticket.

The Support Ticket has four required fields. All other fields are optional, however the more information you can provide the better. The following is a summary of the ticket fields available. 


Viewing tickets

Currently logged tickets can be viewed by selecting the "Tickets" menu option.

Tickets entered into this portal will be triaged by us and addressed according to the severity selected and its priority in relation to current development cycles.

You can search and filter the list, as well as export the list to Excel.

Exporting tickets

To export tickets, follow these steps.

  1. Select a filter to view the list on screen
  2. Click "Export Tickets"
  3. Select the fields you wish to export
  4. Important: to see all tickets, adjust the "from" date field to a date in the past
  5. Click Export

Unfortunately, correspondence within each ticket is not exportable and you will need to click into each ticket to read this information.



When will my ticket be addressed/actioned?

Datalink's service desk operates to the following Support Service Levels.

Escalating tickets and phone contact

If a ticket is urgent, then please do not rely on the service desk alone. After submitting the ticket, please call our service desk on 1300 DATALINK (Australia) or +61 3 9421 4400 (Outside Australia) to bring it to the attention to our support engineers.

Note that additional fees may be charged for priority service if outside of business hours (Melbourne, Australia — GMT+10:00)